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40% of the water we consume is heated and this places a great burden on our sanitary systems. Scaling and corrosion cause significant damage to water pipes and appliances. What many of us do not realise is that they also result in loss of efficiency of the boiler and therefore higher energy costs. Timely and optimal protection against scaling is therefore recommended.

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Go for optimal protection against scale and corrosion

Discover the main advantages of OPTICALC

Protection and restoration

OPTICALC provides protection against both scaling and corrosion. In addition, it gradually dissolves existing scale deposits.


The built-in acoustic annunciator ensures that you are protected at all times. The refill cartridges are extremely easy to replace.

Compact design

The compact dimensions of both the OPTICALC and the refill cartridges make it a perfect fit for hard to reach areas.

Healthy and safe

The phosphate minerals prevent the formation of scale deposits without removing the healthy calcium from the water. They are 100% consumption safe and completely tasteless and odourless.

Easy to install

A built-in bypass and a 360┬░ rotating connector make installation child's play.

No electricity or drainage

OPTICALC uses the available water power and does not require any extra energy. Regeneration is not necessary and no water needs to be drained.

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