Optimal protection against scaling and corrosion

A salt-free and efficient protection against limescale and corrosion.

Due to its compact shape, easy installation and use, it forms a necessary part of any energy-efficient sanitary installation.

How does it work?

Accurate dosing.

The unique dosing system in the Opticalc cartridge ensures that a controlled and accurate phosphate dose of on average 3 mg/l is added to the water. The added phosphate minerals naturally bind with the calcium/magnesium minerals, preventing the latter from developing into scale crystals. In this way, harmful scale deposits are prevented

Extra protection against corrosion

Phosphate minerals also provide ideal protection against corrosion. The minerals form a thin protective film on the inside of the water pipes and boilers and on heating elements. This protective film prevents corrosion formation and therefore also possible lead contamination.


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Protection and restoration

Double protection  

OPTICALC uses consumption safe phosphate minerals.These minerals prevent, in a natural way, the calcium and magnesium in the water from developing into harmful scale deposits.
In addition, these minerals create a thin protective film on the inside of the water pipes and boilers. This protective layer prevents the formation of corrosion.

Regenerative action

Phosphate minerals ensure that existing scale deposits will gradually dissolve.

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User-friendly and maintenance-free

A unique acoustic annunciator automatically notifies when the cartridge is nearly empty and needs replacing. This way you remain protected at all times.

The built-in bypass of OPTICALC allows you to replace the compact refill cartridge in 3 simple steps without interrupting the water flow or getting your feet wet. No additional maintenance is required.

Replacing your cartridge in 3 simple steps

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Compact design

Both the housing and the refill cartridges are compact and light. This makes OPTICALC particularly suited for hard-to-reach locations and ideal for small technical areas.

The cartridges do not require any extra space either

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No electricity or drainage needed

OPTICALC uses the existing water power. As a result, no batteries or connection to the power mains are needed.

Moreover, regeneration is not needed either, so that no water is drained needlessly..

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Easy installation

Its compact design, light weight, its 360┬░ rotating connector and built-in bypass, make the installation of OPTICALC child's play. You do not need additional shut-off valves and it perfectly fits on all common water pipes.

Want to try it out yourself? Then be sure to check out our installation manual.

Proper installation is important. That is why we advise you to have it installed by a professional plumber!

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Healthy and safe


OPTICALC is a salt-free solution that uses consumption safe phosphate minerals. After calcium, phosphates are the most important mineral of the human body and are found in many foods such as milk, meat, fish, legumes and wholemeal cereals.

Moreover, these minerals are completely odourless and tasteless, and fully recyclable.


In contract with salt softeners, OPTICALC does NOT remove the vital calcium/magnesium minerals from the water. The calcium-rich mains water thus retains its positive effect on our health while eliminating the inconveniences.

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Uw onbeschermde waterleiding  na verloop van tijd.

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Uw beschermde waterleiding door het plaatsen van een Opticalc toestel op de hoofdleiding na de waterteller.



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Extend your warranty from 2 years to 10 years after registration. here.

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Double Protection

Combine Opticalc with Optifiltrex

If you install Opticalc in combination with Optifiltrex, your sanitary installation will be optimally protected. Always install Optifiltrex upstream of Opticalc. The filter will remove suspended dirt particles such as sand grains and rust particles from the water, whilst Opticalc ensures that scaling and corrosion do not stand a chance.

In other words, double protection!

Combined with salt softener.

If you have already installed a salt softener, there's no need to throw it out. It can be perfectly combined with Opticalc. Always install Opticalc just downstream of the salt softener.

You will then not only have protection against corrosion (which the salt softener does not provide) but in addition you can adjust the salt softener so that it will use less salt to produce the same effect.