Convenient and compact

The practical and compact cartridges ensure great ease of use.

In addition the built-in acoustic warning ensures that you know when you need to replace the cartridge.  

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Protection against scaling and corrosion

The unique dosing system in the cartridge ensures that a controlled and accurate phosphate dose of on average 3 mg/l is added to the water.

These phosphate minerals prevent the calcium and magnesium in the water from developing into scale crystals upon heating. In this way, harmful scale deposits are prevented.

Phosphate minerals also provide ideal protection against corrosion. The minerals form a thin protective film on the inside of the water pipes and boilers and on heating elements.

What are phosphate minerals?

Phosphates are compounds containing phosphorus, a mineral, and oxygen so that they can be absorbed by living organisms. Phosphate is a natural mineral and vital for life on earth.

OPTICALC uses phosphate minerals in the form of a consumption safe food additive (polyphosphate) that is commonly used in the food industry. A unique dosing mechanism ensures that a controlled and accurate phosphate dose of on average 3 mg/l is added to the water.

For an average household of 4 people with an annual water consumption of 120 to 150 m3, you will need 2 to 3 cartridges. If OPTICALC is installed just upstream of the hot water boiler, cartridge consumption will be far less.

For maximum performance, we advise you to replace the cartridge at least once per year, even if it

is not completely empty.


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Need for phosphate intake.

After calcium, phosphates are the most important mineral in the human body. It is essential for our DNA and cell structure, teeth, bones, and proper functioning of our kidneys. It is also known as the "all-regulating mineral".

For a healthy metabolism, we need a daily intake of 700 mg of phosphate minerals, and pregnant women as much as 900 mg. The phosphate added by OPTICALC to drinking water thus contributes to the necessary daily intake of phosphate.


Phosphates in food products

Phosphate minerals are naturally present in almost all our products. Major sources of phosphate are dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, legumes and wholemeal products.


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